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Stay calm and stay cunning. Don’t react. For now.

Posted by chaanakyan on October 16, 2008

Lil Hummingbird caught up with me at the lay-by heading out of KL last night.

‘Jaya, Shar and Chee Seng are spot on’, he said.

‘Who is Jaya, Shar and Chee Seng? And correct about what?’, I asked

‘Damn! Don’t you read the comments on your own blog? Are you sure you’re the one who administers The People’s Parliament?

The Hindraf ban? The Utusan siege of  Teresa? The Tabung Azan? Don’t imagine these to be unconnected!

Najib’s got so much dirt that’s chugging out on the conveyor belt that he desperately needs a diversion.

And he needs to portray himself as the champion of the Malays and Islam, in the hope that the Malays that get taken in with the the spectre being conjured by UMNO of Islam/Malay bashing, will gloss over the reports coming out of Najib’s misdeeds.

Any adverse reaction by Hindraf to the ban will play into the hands of Najib’s boys .

Now’s the time for Hindraf to show their worth in planning the end of the oppressors. No need to show bravery on the streets. Makkal Sakti goes beyond that’

‘Surely you don’t expect Hindraf to just sit at home and do nothing?’, I asked.

‘They went to two Raya open houses, didn’t they? They were badly treated at PWTC but were well received at Anwar’s house, weren’t they? So throw their fullest support behind Pakatan now. That’s not doing nothing! That’s working smart’, he replied, his tone revealing a growing impatience at my question.

‘What you’re saying is Hindraf should pin their hopes on Pakatan forming the federal government so that the ban comes to nought? Is that going to happen any time soon?’

‘Very soon’.


The comments by Jaya, Shar101 and Chee Seng reproduced below.

Jaya :

Banning Hindraf is a “smoke screen” to divert the nation’s attention from the ‘private sms’ and ‘public Eurocopter’!!

Only hope Hindraf’s does not fall into the ‘trap’ by responding as they ‘expect’ the reaction to be!
Need for a rational but strategic response is paramount.



Never mind the legal technicalities, bro.

It’s become obvious the authorities did not bother to heed Hindraf’s call nor did they provide a proper avenue for Hindraf to channel their grievances.

Militant UMNO needs a bogeyman.

In Hindraf, they found one or putting it another way, the UMNO-led BN government and the MSM have manipulated/reported events since Nov ‘07 to paint Hindraf as such.

Things will get worse now.

Hindraf going ‘underground’ will create opportunities for the powers that be to set up state-organised covert groups masquerading as Hindraf to spread chaos.

Unless AI and PR have better options.

We seriously need a political solution to avert a social disaster from happening. Question is – Will AI take the lead?


Chee Seng :

Is this a strategy to try and incite another May 13 or Ops Lalang?

Looks like it. Close observers of Malaysian politics have sensed a shift in the political climate since Dollah announced he decided not to seek re-election. The racism displayed by UMNO is no longer random. There seems to be more cohesion and focus in its expression.

It’s reminiscent of Ops Lalang i.e. a racially-charged scenario engineered by Mahathir who then swooped down on dissenters. Both situations also occurred when UMNO’s grip on power was under threat. Both situations cowed the nation into submission and allowed UMNO to weasel their way to a stronger grip on the nation.

It would seem that today the strategy has not changed, but tactics are a little more refined this time. Not because UMNO has become smarter, but because of their clumsy moves since March 8, they have to tread more carefully.

And since Najib, Muhyiddin and Mahathir seems to be one big happy family now, it’s pretty obvious Mahathir is calling the plays in the game.

So if we interpret everything that’s happening in our country now through the assumption that it’s all building up Ops Lallang 2 or May 13 pt 2, the strategies employed becomes obvious:

Step 1.  First neutralise the Generals of change – RPK and Anwar

Step 2.  Then incite the Malays to fever pitch – using Ahmad Ismail, Utusan Melayu, Khir Toyo, etc to paint everything uttered by non-Malays as anti-Malay

Step 3.  Antagonise non-Malays – blatantly lie about Teresa Kok, RPK, the Sin Chew reporter, demonise HINDRAF, rip up KTK’s photo, etc, etc, etc.

This is moving the pawns into position for battle!

The next logical step would be:

Step 4.  Confound the lieutenants to eliminate the second-tier leadership of the movement for change.

This can be done by crackdown or distractions. Since they have seen the rakyat’s recent reaction to crackdown, distraction is the more likely strategy employed.

Is it being implemented now? I believe so.

Plenty of issues are being thrown out into the open that divert attention away from people’s clamour for change of govt have recently surfaced – Cabinet absent from Parliament, refusal to re-table Budget 2009, fuel price decrease, RPK’s trial postponement, Utusan’s spat with Teresa Kok, banning HINDRAF, rumours of Zul joining UMNO, etc etc etc.

This will throw up plenty of fires to keep the remaining civic leaders busy. So instead of a concentrated push for changing the BN govt, the people’s energy is diverted to defending and supporting RPK, Teresa Kok and HINDRAF and trying to make heads or tails of the whole plethora of senseless issues.

These issues cannot be interpreted or reasoned out because they are designed to be senseless! So while the PR & civic leadership are thus occupied, the real strategising is going on between TDM, Najib and Muhyiddin.

Step 5: Strike decisively – Shock and Awe

Dear friends, it’s been 7 months since the election and the BN/UMNO has not shown any inclination to change or reform. In fact, we see their position hardening against dissenters. Now that the unholy trinity is finally in charge, the game will be up very soon.

We need regime change in this country if we ever hope to see real reforms. And we need it more desperately than ever with the global recession bearing down on us. (One can only assume that the PM-to-be refuses to table a new budget because when recession hits this country, we’ll be too busy worrying about our rice bowl than regime change.)

Let’s not be distracted from that goal.

How can we play our part in all this?

Do not be drawn into their evil trap! Do not get angry by their actions/words – that’s exactly what they want! Do not flame websites or blogs with our reactions to their shenanigans. Do not counter their comments.

Let’s stay focused! Our leaders in Parliament and in civic society need all our support!


A timely advise and strategy from



One Response to “Stay calm and stay cunning. Don’t react. For now.”

  1. frustrated indian said

    HIndraf is irrelevant to indians… its looks like they are causing so much hate and malice… if our present leaders have been accused of lies and oppressing its citizens, what abt Hindraf leader’s claim on genocide and ethnic cleansing?? why did he go all the way to india to bring bad name to our country.. why did he have to lie abt the way things are in malaysia.. and now why is the so-called waythamoorthy enjoying his bloody life in london while putting hiw wife and children through trauma??? why is this waythamoorty so silent on india’s oppression of christians?? after all he went all the way there to complain of oppression of indians in malaysia?? double standards ????

    so much money have spent on their lousy campaign when all the fund could be used to help an indian family out of poverty.. but like always people will not listen to sound reasoning… they will follow their emotions…

    try to think… US & the world intervened in Bosnia, rwanda, south africa, kosovo… but why do none of the world leaders give any attention on Hindraf’s “call for help”.. simple… because they know its not true…

    The fact is… our govt is not perfect… but so is Hindraf… Therefore please please dont turn this morons into heroes… it only happens in tamil movies…
    If you learn the facts, u will know that this hindraf bunch are just using people and the people’s emotions for their own purpose…

    imagine what would happen if one this so-called morons become the leaders of our nations…. oh boy.. God help us…

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