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Malaysian Police powerless against curbing abuse of Indian school children

Posted by chaanakyan on August 23, 2008

August 23rd, 2008 – 12:40 pm ICT by ANI – Email This Post Email This Post

Kuala Lumpur, Aug 23 (ANI): Following reports of school teachers targeting students of Indian origin in Malaysia and subjecting them to physical and verbal abuse, the countrys police have found themselves powerless in taking action against such teachers, saying the maximum they could do was to report such instances to the Education Department.

District criminal investigations department chief Deputy Superintendent Roslan Ibrahim said no action could be taken against a teacher accused of verbal abuse. When such cases (verbal abuse) are reported, we can only forward it to the Education Department for further action, he said.

On racial slurs, Roslan said it could be categorised as mental abuse. However it would be difficult to charge a teacher suspected of racially abusing a student unless there is strong supporting evidence and witnesses who are willing to testify in court, the New Straits Times quoted him as saying.

It had been reported that five police reports had been lodged against teachers in a school in Taman Klang Jaya for alleged racial abuse. The first report was lodged on Nov 1 last year while the latest was lodged on Aug 8. Two reports were lodged on Feb 29 and the other report was on March 21.

The incidents were first reported in March this year, but no action had been taken either by the police or the Education Department.

The Coalition of Malaysian Indian Non-governmental Organisations Secretary G. Gunaraj said he had met with parents of six students last Sunday in Klang Jaya regarding the issue. Despite the reports, the teachers who allegedly abused the Indian students verbally and physically continue to teach and no apparent action has been taken against them, he said, adding that a petition had been signed by 63 Indian parents voicing their dissatisfaction and frustration over the handling of the issue. (ANI)



2 Responses to “Malaysian Police powerless against curbing abuse of Indian school children”

  1. mohan said

    Don’t wait for them to take action.If the incident is true than lodge a police report n sue the person in court.Can’t Karpal n sons do a charity for the Indians.

  2. shieldtox said

    There are meetings under the pretext of Malay or religious gatherings where these half goon teachers are brainwashed by half baked imams, umno leaders having no morals but preaching the koran or even the Hadis if it has any mention to justify suppression of non muslims.

    We have terrorists in UMNO. Zahid threatening the non muslims not to challenge (his interpretation0 of) Islam, Hishamuddin weilding the keris, and Najib threatening to taste the blood of the Chinese. They are so corrupt that as long as syaitan (UMNO) is in power their actions can be condoned.

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