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Racial taunts spark protests by Indians in Malaysia

Posted by chaanakyan on August 5, 2008

4 Aug 2008
KULA LUMPUR: About 500 angry ethic-Indians on Monday staged a protest outside a school demanding action against a teacher who allegedly hurled racial slurs against students from the community in western Malaysia’s Selangaon state.

According to the police report, a woman history teacher had allegedly called Indian students in a Class four and five ‘Negro’, ‘black monkeys’ and other derogatory names.

The crowd began gathering outside the Banting school’s main entrance near here at noon and staged a protest for two hours.

The teacher had also allegedly said that the community members were stupid and prone to thievery, the Star daily reported on its website.

The alleged incidents took place on July 17 and 22 when the teacher had allegedly beaten up some Indians students.

A students also alleged in his report that the teacher had written the word ‘keling pariah’ on the board and lost her cool when the Indian students told her that they did not like being called names, it said.

Coalition of Malaysian Indian NGOs secretary Gunaraj George, who was among the protesters, said such abuse would only breed hatred and racial polarisation in schools.

“No one in his or her right frame of mind would have said these things. Given this, the best option would be for the teacher to be assigned to a desk job and not be allowed to be near youngsters anymore,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong said the schoolteacher might be sacked if the allegations proved true. “The allegations were serious as no one was allowed to insult others, especially in a school environment,” said Wee, who was asked to comment.

The ministry was awaiting an official report before taking any action, he added.



6 Responses to “Racial taunts spark protests by Indians in Malaysia”

  1. YhTamus said

    Abusing and insulting the Indian students in national schools is not a new matter, it is going on for a long time.There have been so many police reports, but still nothing concrete has been done to stop this disgusting practice. Something must be done to stop this menace forever. Those sick devils should be sacked from their job immediately, they fit not to be teachers, a disgrace to the noble profession. Maybe an heavy lawsuite might deter those racists, or a change of government may put a fullstop to it.

  2. saravanan said

    Its not something new that we non-malay experincing racial attack , its just very unfortunate things are very open now.But at the end of the story there is always no justice for the victim and whole of lot non-malays at the moment.THE DAY will come defenetly will come the fanatic malay will realize that we all are same Malaysian , we are all are Bumiputras , TRUST in GOD ( Kepercayaan kepada TUHAN ) is same for every Malaysian its just way of approching is different , we respect for each own way of life and approach to GOD , every malaysian are compulsary to learn MALAY, Mandarin and Tamil in all national primary and secondary school, all religious class to be conducted in national school , public university entrance on merit and not on quota.Untill this things happen than i shall dream about 2020 of malaysia being developed nation , not only on tall buildings but the mankind and mentality of the nation.than i am proud to call my self Malaysian. untill than we all are still pseudomalaysian with 3rd class citizenship.

  3. mohan said

    why wait for the police to act.Hire a lawyer and sue the teacher
    The teacher can be charge under Sek:298A of the Penal Code

  4. mohan said

    I think the police officer n the govt(education minister)have forgot about this section

  5. mak jun yeen said

    Can anyone tell me which word is derogatory “Keling” or “Pariah”?

    and Why is “Keling” derogatory?

  6. Very nice information. I was wondering about this, and your post explained what I needed to know. Thanks for this.

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