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Have you seen fanatic.. Its here with nasty jokes & Anti Hindraf propoganda

Posted by chaanakyan on February 3, 2008

His words claiming to be joke,when discussing about body snatching by Islamic authorities… “I think they should tattoo it on their chest or forehead ‘I am a kafir’.”

There is a hate site which is supposed to be created by the same person to give bad impression of HINDRAF.

The person doing it is..

Read his first post here before knowing him

You want to know him? HERE

Click on the Link “HINDRAF WATCH” in this homepage and then check “ABOUT” section..

This guy is busy converting people to his religion.

This guy was blasted left and right by most including our Muslim brothers for his lack of knowledge in his own religion.

Read here

I suggest, HINDRAF should consider a defamation suit against him for leveling base less allegation on HINDRAF.

Even Samy velu admitted that they are not terrorists in an interview with NDTV in India.

Any HINDRAF Lawyers out there…

Documents of the Late Gan Eng Gor’s conversion.. Decide for

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