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TAFE college courses are not recoganized – Dont Spoil your future

Posted by chaanakyan on January 19, 2008

Government’s refusal to recognize the courses which more Indians are studying and the MIC’s irresponsible hand in hand  act together with government to marginalize the Indians through these types or fraudulent activities  is what the HINDRAF called as cleansing.

Please get get your loved ones out of this college immideately or else ,you are spoiling the life of them and also the criminal waste of  money..THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAIPUSAM.


http://www.malaysia news/77217

Ace student: MIC college cheated me
K Kabilan | Jan 19, 08 3:18pm

A MIC-run community college has been accused of misleading its students by not revealing that one of its popular degree programmes is not recognised by the government. A former top student of the Tafe College in Seremban said that the college’s failure to disclose the status of its programme have spoilt the future of many students.

Perak-born CS Nachimani told Malaysiakini that he was not told that the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (a government agency formerly known as National Accreditation Board or LAN) had not approved or accredited the Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics System Design Engineering) degree which he pursued at Tafe.

“When I enlisted to do my degree at Tafe College in 1998, I was told that the approval was pending.

“After that not once the students were told that the approval or accreditation was rejected by LAN,” said 29-year-old Nachimani who graduated in 2002. The electrical engineering programme which he did was a twinning programme with UK-based -Northumbria University.

He claimed that there were about 150 students in his batch who were all in the same situation now.”When I first joined Tafe and asked about the LAN approval, their responsewas that there would be no problems in getting the approval as it is a minister’s college,” he said.

The college, a brainchild of MIC president S Samy Vellu, is owned by the party, ostensibly to cater for the vocational educational needs of the
Indian community. Samy Vellu is also the works minister.College washes hands Nachimani, who aced his degree examinations, was always a top scorer in his class. His lecturers thought highly of him and predicted that he would go places in his careers.

He has even published two electrical engineering theories in a UK-based trade magazine, and has a patent registered for one of the theories.”But what’s the point. I am without a job now. If I had known the degree which I did with Tafe was not recognised by the government, I would have
surely gone to study elsewhere,” he said.

He added that his problems only started when he applied to join a major educational institution as a lecturer about two years ago.”Even since I graduated in 2002, I had lectured in smaller colleges to gain experience. And then a few years later I applied to one of the bigger ones and they told me that my degree was not recognised.”

He immediately approached his former college for clarification and was merely told off that they had failed to get the necessary approval.A brief email response to him from the college administrator R Murgesu in November 2004 just told Nachimani that the course was not recognised as the course did not require students to complete any part of their course in the main university, in this case the Northumbria University.

“It means that the government would not recognise the electrical engineering course which was offered by Tafe on behalf of Northumbria locally,”explained Nachimani.

No help from Samy Vellu

When contacted by Malaysiakini, a spokesperson for Tafe College told that a change in government policy meant that the college had to stop offering Northumbria’ s electrical engineering course.

At present the college is offering electrical engineering courses from Liverpool John Moore University, allowing students to complete two years
here and finish their final year of degree in Liverpool.However this course is also pending the approval and accreditation of LAN.”They are up to the same thing again. I doubt if they are telling students about the approval part,” said Nachimani.

When Nachimani pressed the college to solve his problem, he was directed to Samy Vellu.”I met Samy Vellu three times. He asked me to meet his aide, whom I had met 17 times. Still there is no solution to my problem,” he added.He said that Samy Vellu had forwarded a letter to another MIC-run college for him to be offered a job but nothing has been forthcoming.He was also advised by Samy Vellu’s aide to pursue his post-graduate study to overcome the non-recognition aspect of his degree.

Unfortunately for him even his post-graduate study which he did via correspondence in 2006 with an American university is not recognised by the government.”It’s a double blow for me. And to top it off, I am being hounded now for the repayment of my education loan,” he said. He is presently jobless as all potential employers want his degree to be approved by the government.

Loans being defaulted

Nachimani has obtained study loans from MIC study loan agency MIED for both his degree and post-graduate studies. Now the agency is after him for repayment. In fact he has been sent a lawyer’s notice warning him of bankruptcy proceedings if he failed to cough up total sum.

“I borrowed about RM37,000 for my studies and with interest the outstanding amount stands at RM52,582.60. Monthly repayment comes about RM620. How can I repay when I have no work?” he asked.He said that wherever he turned for help – from Tafe college to MIED, the
only response he got was to go to Samy Vellu.

“But he has been unable to help me,” said an exasperated Nachimani. Samy Vellu could not be contacted for comment today.
“I have been cheated by Tafe”. The college did not tell me and the other students the truth and they should correct their mistake.

“I want MIC, its president Samy Vellu and the college to come out with a solution for me. I am not going to be made a bankrupt for something which was not my mistake.”I want my life back,” said Nachimani.


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  1. Anonymous said

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    Excellent post. Keep it up!

  2. Muhammad Ibrahim Ravi said

    Hi Nachimani, please send me your resume, let me see if I can be of any help.

    • silan said

      good. Great action. Now, did NACHIMANI respond to this?

      • Tafe Cheated Student said

        Yeap please believe me, I am a student currently studying at Tafe.. or more to say… forced to stay and extend my study at TAFE. I joined tafe in 2007 semester 1.
        My case :
        1. I transferred from another private college to TAFE college in 2007 January intake. Upon registration, the stupid marketing people referred me to some old flat face hag called Ms Precilla and the lousy Business and IT dept.

        2. After talking to me, The diploma in IT lecturer Puan Natrah suggested to the old lady Ms Precilla to give exemption on my subjects as I was to be taken as credit transfer student.

        3. The old dumb lady in Registry (Prescilla), gave a long lecture to me and told me to fill up the forms. I am new to TAFE and I filled up the form. She said the exemption is accepted as I did not need to register for the 2 exempted subjects. First of all that lady is a very senior post in academic… the Registrar of college but cannot even talk a simple English that a average student like me can understand.

        4. As normal, I studied believing I will be graduating soon.

        5. Due to financial problems I had delayed in studies. But at last.. putting in a lot of effort I struggled to complete it.

        6. As I went to get my final semester result, they hold my graduation form.

        7. Prescilla stupid lady told me to go and see Puan Natrah my lecturer in IT and the Head of Department Mr Sreetharan.

        8. Puan Natrah helped me to clarify that I was exempted from the 2 subjects and I was suppose to graduate.

        9. Prescilla said no letter of exemption was in my profile and I must do the 2 subjects. I felt like killing myself of embarrassment. How dare they cheat me like this?

        My question to the world of justice :

        1. Upon registration as student, I was not given any guideline that there is a exemption form to be filled up to be acknowledged. Then how the hell am I suppose to know that they never give me the exemption? The student handbook does not mention all this except about paying money.

        2. Why did the whole department of IT and Academic let me do all the major or specialization subjects without clearing the basic YEAR 1 subject? I should have been drawn the time table to sit for these subjects in Year 1 if I did not get exemption. Why wait till end then cheat me and make me pay for another one more semester? I know the 2 subjects were offered all the time.

        3. Who should I blame? My lecturer Puan Natrah who fail to guide me and do the time table and offer the subject? OR The Head of Department Mr Sreetharan who didn’t even talk to me about the problem and wash hands and run away when there is a problem? OR The old stupid hag Prescilla sitting like a dumbo with her lousy English?

        4. I am totally hopeless in the eyes of my father. he hates me for not completing my education and start earning. My relationship with my parents is affected. Im suffering and you dare to say all will be ok?

        Mr Silan:
        solution coming soon! trust me! and keep hope for the best!
        – are you the LORD of TAFE? Who the hell are you? Is Tafe paying you some pocket money to write all the lies of quotes on the net? Did u solve Nachimani case? Come on tell me and the whole world what is the solution to Nachimani…

        -Do not divert to other issues.

        Muhammad Ibrahim Ravi :

        – Can you help me and give me a job without my diploma?
        – Please help me pay for my diploma.
        – Please help

        Sban Base:

        – You are not working in Tafe are you? If you are then Im not surprise of why you are talking so nice of it.
        -Please do not compare yourself with Nilai University College…. oopppssss…. I must emphasize nilai UNIVERSITY COLLEGE.

        Nilai was just established in 1998, and now it is proudly a University College and you all started in 1988 or even before that and u are not SHY ah that you all are just comparable with any shop lot college? Still running old syllabus in IT and you claim to be very experienced people? BULLSHIT…..

        I got once ask the stupid marketing people…. if I finish in TAFE can I study with exemption in AIMST Univ which they say is also MIED management. They say all that they dont know anything. That University got nothing to do with TAFE. Then where is TAFE progression? All they tell me is after diploma want to add knowledge take MLVK certificates also. What nonsense is this?

        Please someone out there. Please call anybody and help me. MIC and Samy Vellu got no time for small boy like me. Atleast I hope to make the world understand that Nachimani case will not be solved and I am another case. There are many many more students studying here with the same problme but we have NO MONEY, NO SUPPORT, NO GUIDELINE to get our rights.

        Please help.

        NOte: I am typing this with the help of my friends who are good in English. By studying at Tafe even my English never improved. Thank You

  3. Hindraf kalimuthu said

    what happen to future student at tafe college? shud tafe stop his progress??

  4. CS.Nachimani said

    Thanks for the people who have supported morally. thanks Hindraf. You made me awake and Don’t ever trust TAFE and MIC


  5. martin said

    Hi Nachimani, i feel upset of what have happen to you. Dont give up,keep on trying different ways. Sure there will be a solution. I was a tafe student too, 2003 batch. Well i was lucky among my batch because of my excellent performance during my OJT, but the fact was this employer never looked at my Dip,well what can i say? its definitely not reconized, it was a big disappoinment for me after giving alot of effort for the 2 and half year course in aircraft maintenance at tafe but at the end i was still employed, i am glad.

    • tamil said

      whre want study aircraft maintenance if also not in nilai coz cnt effrd to pay the fee bro….

      • Sban Base said

        If you really wanted to pursuit in this field the answer would be TAfe college. You may go to nilai, but you might wanted to do a comparisome 1 i terms of fees, the years of experience of teaching this field and also the industrial link.

        choose what is you think is best for your future and not what other told that is best for you.

      • silan said

        dear all, keep yr confident up! soon all the TAFE problems will solved! things will trun better!

    • Sban 11 said

      i believe the diploma you hold have a full accrediation by MQA. if you do face a problem of your cert please refer back to get a comfirmation and solution rather that guessing it.

  6. lee said

    atcually i’m looking for tafe college…but now…who can i listen? then why my frenz said tafe college is a very peaceful college..good teaching,behavior student,good environtment?

    • Sban 11 said

      seeing is believing.. different people will have different hope and perception on a college environment. however it is not like other business type college that only look at monetary, tafe is a college that wanted to offer a quality education for a affordable price.

  7. citizen-KL said

    tafe-rubbish college…
    waste time to study…
    tafe college student wont have good future..
    bad behavior teacher,….
    all lazies teacher ….

    • Sban 11 said

      if you think that way you should have reported this to higher authority

      • Tafe Cheated Student said

        Which higher authority you are referring to?

        I know the highest authority the principal. She also cannot do anything. Above her who? My friends say got a dark indian man who come for graduation. Is that him? What is his name? Can we meet him? What is his position in TAFE? Why he comes for graduation? Is he printing the certs for us? Please give his email id / contact no / facebook id. I will post my problems to him.

        Thank You

  8. theva said

    deal all

    i also come to know this problem when i try to register as garduate member with Board of Engineers Malaysia and Institute of Engineer Malaysia. due to this i cannot proceed with IR application. Indian people cheat indian people what a shame

    ex tafe student
    b.engg in Mech design

    • Nachimai said

      pls contact me through

      I’m Nachimani, wish to file a law suit agaist TAFE COLLEGE..need your support!!!!

    • Rabindra A/L Gandhi Thangarajoo said

      greetings, i am a former tafe college student ,

      if you have an unrecognized degree, you will need to top up this degree with a Masters degree. This should be by coursework ONLY and NOT BY Research. Since there are a lot of different postgraduate degree out there, I suggest that you take a Masters of Engineering degree, such as the one offered by UTM Space, KL, but check with them about its availability…

      get more info from BEM or your nearest branch of Institution of Engineers Malaysia…

  9. tamil said

    than where want study aircraft maintenance ????? if not also in nilai college coz not effd to pay the first payment….

  10. zee said

    How about in diploma only??…are diploma in auto course being affected to???…

  11. jrjegan said

    Well,there is a Ex tafe college student group at facebook “tafe college seremban ,should check with them with their feedback on the comment given on tafe , as for me, i have seen most of them are in good working situation, some of them in overseas with tafe certificate, well I am one of the Tafe college student, 96 batch, after complete my studies, I join citibank as an executive with tafe cerificate in business studies then join TM Net sdn bhd,as a assistant manager and nw with telekom malaysia HQ who take care product marketing for italk.I dont see any problem with tafe certificate and dont worry i am not a supporter of MIC or Mr samy.But I believe in myself.

    • May said

      Yes, I am also an ex-Tafe student. I also have no problem getting a job with Tafe’s Degree. I am now working in a local college as an officer. I feel it’s more the attitude of a student whether they can get a job or not.

  12. Jayzee said

    I am an ex-student of TAFE college. Whether the Degree is recognized by the Government or not, it has become less concern to me as I already know that non-Malay or non-Muslim are difficult (almost ZERO chance) to get a job in the government sector. Look at all the government office/ sector. ALL filled with Malay from top to bottom! I am not a racist, it is THE TRUTH and known facts that I would like all Malaysians to think about. Is it time for some changes? Or 1Malaysia is just a load of crap created by the PM of Malaysia?
    So, just work in private sectors or start your own business. If possible, try working in overseas as they hold more promising future for non-Malay people.

  13. jaslene said

    i just wanted to ask if tafe college, is it a university from australia? i mean some sort of twinning uni. there’s this another tafe courses in aust which im interested but when i saw this article thats why i wanted to meke it clear. thanks

  14. shasi said

    its ur responsibility to check if its recognized by LAN or MQA or wat so ever. now for the time being it shows all the courses is accredited by the responsible board.

    Goh how much u relate to TAFE? if not at all thn dun bother much.

    people as far as i concern it shud be a good choice to do ur aircraft eng

  15. WONG said


  16. Sban Base said

    All the courses in TAFE are fully accredited by MQA. You all may check for its accreditation status in MQA website. If something bad had happen to one people or company they will remember it no matter how well they perform after that. that is basically human mentality.

    Seeing is believing. What other say do not matter until you see it for yourself. If our courses is having problem we would not have sign a few memorandum of agreement with few highly name companies.

    I assure that the courses is all accredited and will not face any unrecognition. Lets us help you to get a better education at a affordable price.

    • Tafe Cheated Student said

      Chicken heads, why no reply for my post yet? thinking of what to lie some more is it? Real full of liars in TAFE college.

    • Baba said

      It is confirmed that you are working at TAFE. No one else talks so supportively of TAFE. Yes, I am congratulating you becasue you are still able to reap more new students but I am cautioning you that the days are numbered. He is of no post and those who feel cheated will pursue via law suits.

      I advise you to find a better future by working elsewhere.

  17. Brian said

    Accreditation is important for engineers. Few of my friend complted their diplomas in TAFE way back 1998. They even went to RGU Scotland to complete their degrees in engineering fields.
    Two of them even went to master level. Working now and only now after being pressed from registration with BEM they found out that they can’t register. Theirs Degree is accredited but diplomas are not. So, their degree eventually unable to be recognised. So what is the BIG DEAL here!! Their problems start when the organisation offered better position which needs a registered Engineer.

    Now, they realised that their promotion stuck bcoz of a simple mistake they did way back in their diploma time.

    Lesson: If you want to work in Malaysia make sure your diplomas and degrees are recognised both by public and private sectors.

    Think twice before enrolling in any institutions.
    Many indian students are conned by indian operated colleges.

  18. Baba said

    Great deal… They always do daylight robbery at TAFE.. It’s common… All the names you mentioned are seasoned robbers and some of them are having affiars with others.

    It’s common… You are in trouble because you dare not bring you case to court for justice. You prefer to cry and wait for mummy to help you.

  19. Saravanan said

    I wish to impress you by saying that every individual would have a different view on a same issue. No five fingers will ever the same. I am of the opinion that if a person wants to pen his thought, the individual must first do a little bit of homework before slashing words at an individual or organization. It is not fair at all to the individual or the organization.


    When was MQA imposed in this countries education system? What was it call before this?

    Would programmes offered prior to MQA/LAN existence have the accreditation?

    Are all programmes offered at all Colleges/Universities fully accredited by MQA?

    How do you find out if the institutions programme is accredited?

    If a programme offered by a college is able to assist its student with Government funding considered MQA accredited?


    Allow me to take you one step further. If the programmes offered is not accredited in the first place, how did the university offer him to pursue his first degree and subsequently do his Masters. My question to you is, is the individual lacking in some way or is his qualification lacking?

    speak no evil, hear no evil, judge the institution on your own.


    • Brian said

      Mr. Saravanan,

      You got a point here. Why the university allowed the students to continue for master when their degree is not accredited.

      Let me clarify few points here.

      a) When was MQA imposed in this countries education system? What was it call before this?

      MQA (formerly LAN) is started voluntarily in 1996. Only few colleges take the effort to endorsed their programmes.
      It is the college responsibility to make sure that programmes need accreditation.

      b) Would programmes offered prior to MQA/LAN existence have the accreditation?

      Suppose a students graduated in year 1995 with any private college diploma intend to do a degree now (2012) in local private universities or colleges. Most probably he need to do another diploma or use his SPM or STPM to register for a new degree courses.
      Or else only option is go to OUM and take the mature student entry (25 years and above) to complete his degree. Again this option is only for non engineering degree.

      You see now that particular student do not have any choice to further his studies….Yes this rule is impose only in private malaysian universities

      c) How do you find out if the institutions programme is accredited?

      For engineering courses visit Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC), Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)
      If the particular Private college or universities is not listed than think twice before you enrolled.

      Accountancy you have to visit Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA)

      For Business and Computing students, Malaysia do not impose any professional membership. So, you need only MQA accreditation.

      So to Mr. Saravanan,

      Now Most engineering program in malaysian local and private Universities are regulated by EAC.

      Sadly those who graduated previously before year 2002 or so without MQA will not able to get exemption for their degree.

  20. Saravanan said



  21. vara said

    To find what is tafe, go to the aviation industries in M’sia n S’pore and inquire.
    U can find a lot of ex-tafe students as technicians and engineers.
    Many more are furthering their education in UK.

  22. raymond said

    yes i do agree with mr.vara and mr.sara,i am very thank full to tafe college seremban,i am an ex-tafe student to… I have done my diploma and i have got a very good job in a world wide company. I don’t understand why you are having this difficulties,i think if you had discussed with them your problem they might had help you… anyway first try respect the place you had gain your knowledge and try to find out what is wrong in yourself rather then sitting back and complaining……good luck …cherioo..

  23. GG said

    Dear All,

    Read through your concerns. Just be mindful of the life after Tafe.

    I have been working has a engineer close to 10years. No problem till the date my senior manager asked me to be a certified engineer under Board of Engineers.

    Guess what, B.E.M wants a certified degree under the Lan accredation program.

    Bad luck struck me, I lost my job because I am not even certified Graduate engineer.

    So for all please get yourselves registered has a Graduate Engineer.

    You must do this has this is a requirement by the government.

    Than view if the degree is certified or not. This is inclusive I.T engineers too.

  24. teacher degree online…

    […]TAFE college courses are not recoganized – Dont Spoil your future « Malaysian Indians Today[…]…

  25. depressed said

    teachers are useless..especially paavaai nadarajah whom don’t deserve to be a student counsellor…. im a tafe college student, and hardly find myself free from rules.. hostellers are paying RM110 but have to wash bathrooms and all sorts. Then for what hell we paying money..? Stupid Priscillia dont even know to respect students…
    i m an unfortunate person whom to be drowning in this peculiar college.,,,im just waiting to get lost from here…
    rules sucks…
    college sucks…toilets are stinking like paavaai’s mouth….they put me in jail,this is not a college..i guess jail would get gud food..
    i hope there would be a destruction soon here…
    sincerely, depressed student.

    • Hai Depressed Student of TAFE.

      I am Mr. Saravanan of the Marketing & PR Department of TAFE. It is sad to note that at TAFE we actually have a depressed customer. I would appreciate if you could meet me and I would be able to address your difficulty and depression. Dear student. I must tell you that all programme offered at TAFE are MQA accredited and MQR will be able to justify it in their website. Therefore the lecturers need to meet the required standards set by MQA and this we ensure .

      Rules and regulations are a frame work within which organizations operate and applies to all educational institutions.

      I am amazed that you had to wash the toilets or rather the bathroom when we actually have cleaners to do the needful.

      Anyway I would appreciate if you would meet me and I am very sure that the college managment system has an avenue for matter of this nature. You could also meet the COLLEGE COUNSELOR MR. RAMA to address your issues.

      I am reachable during office hours at my office.

      PUBLIC RELATIONS is my business and it is my duty to see a satisfied customer thru the system.

      Awaiting your presence at my office.

      Thank you.


      • An offer was made and months have passed by, but the depressed is still yet to accept my hands of help. SO WHERE IS THE PROBLEM? Think and act accordingly please.


  26. Saravanan said

    Deepavali Greetings to all Staff, Current and Past Students of the College. Happy Deepavali to you and your families.

    Marketing & PR
    Kolej TAFE Seremban

  27. I wish to impress all student (local & foreign) that as an Institution of Higher Learning in Malaysia, TAFE Seremban is currently offering students who have completed their SPM or O’ Levels to puruse MQA (Malaysian Qualification Agency) DIploma programme. The website to justify the quality of the programmes offered will be

    I also wish to impress you by saying that TAFE was awarded 5 star rating by the Ministry of Higher Education in the recent MyQuest rating.

    We have grown from strength to what we are now. To have a dissatisfied customer really makes me sad but I must tell you we are very committed in the business that we carry out.

    Our NEXT INTAKE IS: MAY 14,2012. I will stand by my words on the accreditation part of the issue. TAFE is an education institute and a good institute for the matter which delivers qualified techno grad to the industry.

    I am sure everyone reading this is matured enough to evaluate between truth, politics and the bad apples.

    Thank you for your time.

    (+06 012 2041968)

  28. Abdul Wahab said

    First of all thanks to Samy Vellu for Tafe College,Ribuan terima kasih kepada Dato Samy…Many students studied here are doing very well…But what has happen to this college now?Apa dah jadi?It is full of shit..Unbearable situation….What is the Top Level Management doing?Makan Rasuah ke?Are they really working for this college or busy making money for themselves?Where are the Diploma courses?Why MLVK programmes?This college was started at the same par or even better than INTI and Nilai College…Where are they now?Where is Tafe now?They are University College.Tafe standard is deep down the shit.Macam Tahi palat…What the principal is doing?Is she there just sitting as puppet and helping her people inside swindling the money…?Atau makan marukku ke?

  29. Abdul Wahab said

    In many places,HR department only do HR related jobs,but in Tafe HR’s runs the whole college.How is it possible?What is the qualification of HR Manager in Tafe and what is the relationship between HR Manager and the Chief Administration Officer of Tafe?

  30. Abdul Wahab said

    How come the HR staffs using college car for personal reasons?contohnya jemput Ketua Pentadbir dari Kajang?Adakah ini satu privilej?atau adakah ini satu subahat atau pakat sesama satu sama lain?Apa lancau si pengetua bodoh buat di kolej ini?Dia tutup satu mata sambil terima komisyen daripada rasuah yang diterima oleh jabatan HR ke?Kalau macam ini,kolej jadi bankrap la….

  31. Vikiy said

    You know what.. After seeing many comments above I was shocked many x-students were condemning Tafe college for no reason.. I’m livin n Australia now.. When I applied for my OZ PR my diploma n degree I did in Tafe is well recognized by Australian Goverment.. And they approved my PR. hey don’t see wha is LAN about. LAN is Bly acceptable for Malaysian Goverment company.. Even it’s not required for private sector. I’m wondering why so may ppl here complaining about LAN.. End of the day it’s LAN or not it’s only Bumiputra will be accepted… So pls bear in mind.. Not Bly Tafe even may private college having same level of education system it heir college.

  32. Nachimani said

    Hello Tafe Students (Former or current),

    I’m Nachimani; one of the best student of TAFE College Seremban 2001. As you people have seen the nonrecognition of TAFE DEGREEs matter, I was really lost after fight for 10 years against MIC….

    The degree (Bachelor of Engineering) is finally announced as none recognized degree……Samyvellu, TAFE College, MiED washed their hand…


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  36. wee said

    I am also been cheat before of the course foundation. In the end i came out my personal group to help students looking for recognized college and university. Any help just inform, i will always on the line at 0164159079. My name is wee… Vanakum to all indian frens here.

  37. Mazie said

    Goood way of explaining, and nice post to get fahts oon the topic of
    my presentation focus, which i am going to present in academy.

  38. Don said

    Wow, this post is good, my sister is analyzing
    these things, therefore I am going to convey her.

  39. wee said

    anyone want to study bachelor in business administrative i can help… for engineering will advice go to UTAR… dont continue here pls…

  40. Waylon said

    It’ѕ remarkable to go tο see this web page and reading the views of all mates
    conсerning this post, while I am also eager of getting experіence.

  41. Nachimani said

    When similar type of de-recognizing problem raised from TAR College, the MCA leaders have talk to Prime Minister to solve the problems but Samyvellu is still hiding himself from this matter. See this link as Prime Minister gave retrospective recognition to old TAR College programs…. Why don’t you samy vellu talk to PM to help former TAFE students to get retrospective recognitions?

  42. Nachimani said

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