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Then Nurin ,Now Nini – get the fcuk out of our face Musa!!!

Posted by chaanakyan on January 11, 2008

Yesterday’s connectivity was the pits….from home to PJClub and finally to a StarBucks outlet and there was not time to surf blogosphere. And this morning we have 50,000 posters announcing the abduction of another little girl, NINI


The bitter taste have not left us because Nurin’s killer is still at large, lurking, leering and jeering at our Royal Police Force (has it occurred to anyone that it is about time the word “Royal” should be expunged. Downright insult to all our ex-Kings and our current King, if you ask me!).

Of course we Malaysian will do our best to help bring Nini back to her family. Is putting up posters sufficient? I say M O B I L I S E your whole force MUSA. Tell your guys for the next few days stop lurking in hidden areas to catch traffic offenders, or spend hours at mamak joints for free lunch, etc……get all your squad cars on the road, your four-wheelers into the off-road tracks….yes even your black-maria trucks…..get everyone of your elite Special Branch on the job…..even your helicopters……yes tell Othman Talib of Web Power to let you use the30 helicopters as goodwill otherwise no dice re the conflict-of-interest sale. Get your officers off their butt…..those spending hours questioning those who donated to Hindraf Enterprise.
And don’t forget, the water canon and tear-gas troops, the Blues that is…..this is the test of their mettle. It is child’s play banging on their plastic shields and shooting from a distance. Get them to do a man’s job for a change or they will turn sybaritic. What was it that Churchill said….never has so many done so little……blehhhhhh.***

*** one exception though….do not include the Police Band…we need them for the celebration when Nini is returned to us.

Tell us thru the MSM what you will be doing…..never mind if they exaggerate a bit…..if it is just to get Nini home safe. Tell us your action-plans and be quick about this…..the clock ticks and we want to make sure that Nini’s heart continues to tick.

Maybe these are not under your command….but use your powerful influence….get those RELA dickheads to do some work instead of bullying migrant workers. Most of the time these RELAX. Anyone believe me when I volunteer that the quality of your people reflects the quality of your organization? Well that is another story for another day.

Musa, I know it is tougher to go after an unseen abductor than sitting-duck -marchers, but you got to try, buddy. May the Force be with you….

Meanwhile we wait anxiously and with a prayer for her safe return.

Don’t give the abductor the opportunity that Nurin’s killer is saying to your



Shucks, bit too early for a single…..but let’s see how things develop….maybe we have a celebration if there are some breaking news…..Musa…..I love to celebrate, I’d like you to know…..but with performers.


If you fail, then we will show you,your force and government,

the same sign..Fuck You”

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